Memphis Menthol filter tubes – king size – 100 packaged boxes = 20 shrinkwraps x 5 boxes

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Pay the cost price. 5 x 20 = 100 boxes per cartoon. Each carton contains 20 x bundles of 5 boxes per bundle. Each box in the bundle of 5 has 100 tubes per box Therefore each bundle has 500 tubes. 20 x bundles will then have a total of 10,000 tubes
Overall each carton contains a total of 10,000 tubes in total. Memphis sleeves with taste.
Do you like to smoke and love the fresh taste of menthol? Since cigarettes are no longer approved with this taste, you do not have to miss out on the special smoking experience. Refine the smoke taste of your self-rolled cigarettes in a simple way.
Turn yourself and enjoy. In use, the sleeves can be used like conventional sleeves, because the menthol filter sleeves are discreet to plug. Enjoy easy handling, perfectly stuffed cigarettes and a refreshing taste. In addition, the smoke is often perceived by the menthol as pleasant and soft.
Fresh aroma
Especially if you want to have some variety from the usual taste of cigarettes, you are best advised with the cigarette tubes with a fine aroma. You refine the tobacco taste with a refreshing note, and you do not have to flavour the tobacco itself, but can resort to your usual tobacco and only use a flavoured filter sleeve for plugging and turning

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